Spirent extends CyberFlood with Data Breach Assessment for testing of networks and devices

Spirent Communications announced the availability of the solution using data breach emulation technology to provide holistic and hyper-realistic security testing of networks and devices for awareness of data breach and intruder activity. This new solution, CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment, is a component of Spirent’s CyberFlood product line, extending it into production environments for continuous testing of live networks and devices. As an holistic automated solution within the live network, CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment provides active … More

Qualys provides visibility of inaccessible IT assets

Qualys announced a new Out-of-Band Configuration Assessment (OCA) module that allows customers to achieve complete visibility of all known IT infrastructure by pushing vulnerability and configuration data to the Qualys Cloud Platform from systems that are otherwise difficult or impossible to assess. OCA’s expanded data collection approach completes customers’ global IT asset visibility by significantly broadening the types of technologies supported by the Qualys Cloud Platform. An API-based sensor module, OCA enables customers to add … More

Irdeto provides anti-hacking protection for Indentive’s home IoT platform

Irdeto is partnering with Indentive, a Swedish IoT technology provider, to secure its home IoT platform, Connective. Indentive will implement Irdeto Cloakware to ensure that security is built into the basis of the home network, including the latest generation of its consumer-facing IoT applications. This move is intended to offer better and more efficient protection than the retrofitting that often occurs in the IoT industry today, leading to unnecessary costs and performance overhead. Irdeto will … More

Qualys integrates real-time network analysis in its Cloud Platform

Qualys has introduced Passive Network Sensor (PNS), a new member of the Qualys sensor family that natively integrates network analysis functions into the Qualys Cloud Platform. The Qualys Cloud Platform, with its active scanning, always-on agents, container and cloud sensors, provides global enterprises with unprecedented 2-second visibility of their hybrid IT infrastructure covering on-premises assets, multi-cloud environments, containers and traveling workforces. The highly scalable platform performs over 3 billion device assessments annually, analyzing a trillion … More

Qualys at Black Hat USA 2018: Hear best practices from industry leaders

There will be no lack of interesting content from Qualys at Black Hat USA 2018 this year. Depending on you interests, you might want to make time for some of these talks and presentations. Visit Qualys at Booth #204 to hear best practices presentations from industry leaders. Wednesday, August 8 10:20 – 10:45 AM Endpoint Breach Prevention by Reducing Attack Surfaces Chris Carlson, Vice President of Product Management, Qualys The most scalable way to prevent … More

Bugcrowd launches Disclose.io to provide a safe harbor for white hat hackers

Bugcrowd and Amit Elazari, a University of California, Berkeley doctoral candidate and CLTC grantee, announce the launch of Disclose.io — a project to standardize practices for providing a safe harbor for security researchers within bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs (VDPs). Current U.S. anti-hacking laws, such as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), along with public incidents have had a chilling effect on the security researcher community. … More

WatchGuard launches AI-based antivirus to help defend against zero day malware

WatchGuard announced version 12.2 of its Fireware operating system for its Firebox Unified Security Platform appliances. Key to the update is IntelligentAV, a new antivirus scan service that uses an artificial intelligence (AI) engine to predict, detect and block evolving zero day malware. IntelligentAV joins Threat Detection and Response (TDR), Gateway AntiVirus, and APT Blocker as an additional layer of industry-leading malware defense on the Firebox platform. “Data from our quarterly Internet Security Report shows … More

CyberArk launches SAP certified Privileged Access Security Solution

CyberArk announced the availability of its SAP-certified CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution. The solution can strengthen and extend security across SAP environments, including SAP ERP systems, by protecting against privileged access-related risk and credential compromise. The CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution achieved SAP certification as Integrated with SAP NetWeaver technology platform. It enables organizations to improve operational efficiencies and safeguard assets from external attackers and malicious insiders. With more than 90 percent of the Global … More

BluVector expands real-time detection of fileless malware on the network

BluVector announced the latest version of BluVector Cortex, the company’s platform, capable of sensing and responding to threats in real-time. This latest upgrade focuses on further innovation within the platform’s network-based fileless malware detection, offering the ability to detect the range of fileless attacks and automatically block these threats through its partner ecosystem. “BluVector Cortex continues to evolve ahead of the industry with the expansion of its real-time detection of zero-day fileless malware on the … More

Allure Security strengthens data loss detection and response capabilities

Allure Security has announced new enhancements to its technology, including a new user interface for deploying its patented Data Loss Sensors. The augmented capabilities of the Allure platform will enable faster deployments through automation and self-service, and improve the relevance of geofencing and telemetry to more easily identify and respond to actionable data loss alerts. “Current enterprise security offerings to reduce data loss focus on prevention through monitoring endpoints or encrypting data. However, these approaches … More

Bay Dynamics and CyberSponse empower organizations to prioritize critical threats

Bay Dynamics announced a new technology partnership with CyberSponse. Under this partnership, Bay Dynamics has integrated its Risk Fabric cyber risk and UEBA platform with the CyberSponse Cyber Security Automation and Incident Response Platform. This integration of technologies enables today’s resource challenged cybersecurity teams to detect, prioritize and mitigate their incidents and insider threats faster than ever before. “Organizations today are struggling with a shortage of analysts and an abundance of alerts, which makes this … More

HYAS raises $6.2M Series A round led by M12

HYAS announced it has raised $6.2 million in a Series A funding round led by M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund, with participation from Startup Capital Ventures, 205 Capital, Wesley Clover and cybersecurity professionals Tim Eades and Tom Noonan. The company will use the investment to continue to build out its current products and services and introduce new technology with unparalleled real-time visibility and attribution into attacks and breaches across global networks. At the helm of HYAS … More