ShieldX adds lateral movement prevention to the Elastic Security Platform for AWS

ShieldX, the leader in elastic security, announced the addition of lateral movement prevention to the ShieldX Elastic Security Platform for AWS. Also known as East-West security, enterprises can now for the first time monitor and prevent lateral movement inside the AWS public cloud to complement ShieldX’s existing capability for VMWare ESXi and Microsoft Azure. This eliminates a significant management and security challenge, by providing a full range of security controls including visibility into the movement … More

OPAQ provides 15 Gbps of security-as-a-service networking to support digital transformation

OPAQ, the network security cloud company, announced a new set of offerings that provide up to 15 Gbps of hyperscale security-as-a-service networking to support digital transformation initiatives. The OPAQ Cloud provides direct Gigabit connectivity to ISP exchanges and comprehensive network security for organizations that require carrier-grade network performance and security for hybrid and multi-cloud environments that span on-premises, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) resources. “Companies of all sizes are integrating on-premises data centers with cloud … More

Four new incident response and forensic investigators join the Arete Advisors team

Arete Advisors announced the addition of four of the world’s foremost incident response and forensic investigators to its elite group of cybersecurity experts: Michael Stewart, Rae Jewell, Peter Hubert, and Matt Hanyok. Together, the group brings decades of experience leading challenging, cyber incident response and forensics investigations into some of the most devastating cyberattacks and network breaches impacting the U.S. Government and major commercial verticals. “As the cybersecurity skills gap becomes more acute, organizations are … More

Symantec joins the DIB CS program to share threat information between DOD and industry

Symantec, the world’s leading cyber security company, announced it has become a member of the United States’ Department of Defense’s (DOD) Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Cybersecurity (CS) program. The DIB CS program is a voluntary cyber threat information-sharing initiative established by the DOD to enhance and supplement DIB participants’ capabilities to mitigate cyber attacks. The program features a collaborative information-sharing environment where members voluntarily report cyber threats as well as information on how to prevent/mitigate … More

CI Security raises $9.6M to defend healthcare and the public sector from cyber threats

CI Security announced it has raised an additional $9.6 million to defend critical services in healthcare and the public sector from cyber threats. The added investment allows CI Security to continue expanding its Critical Insight Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. Customers with Critical Insight MDR can detect and respond to intrusions and threats quickly. Those customers know that CI Security’s analysts are using purpose-built technology to watch for security events 24/7/365. The Series B … More

Xerox adds an extra layer of protection to Xerox AltaLink multifunction printers

Xerox announced security enhancements to its line of Xerox AltaLink Multifunction Printers (MFPs), providing IT managers, network administrators and chief information security officers with an extra layer of protection and a more proactive approach to network threats. “While other networked print devices use a fractured, manual approach to cybersecurity, Xerox employs an automated response that neutralizes threats at their source,” said Dr. Alissa J. Abdullah, chief information security officer, Xerox. “Instantaneous responses are critical when … More

Evident and Okta partnership simplifies identity verification and reduces risk for businesses

Evident, the revolutionary platform that powers identity and credential verification for many of the world’s fastest-growing companies, announced it has partnered with Okta, the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. The integrated solution enables businesses across industries to access and move seamlessly between multiple identity verification methods while dramatically reducing their exposure to sensitive or regulated information. Okta and Evident’s integration makes it easier and quicker for companies to efficiently verify identity to … More

Idera’s new integration allows teams to further secure their software development lifecycle

Idera, parent company of global B2B software productivity brands, announced powerful new integration capabilities between its Assembla and Kiuwan products. The integration allows development teams on Assembla to “shift left” and further secure their software development lifecycle by automatically scanning code in their Assembla repositories with Kiuwan’s enterprise-grade application security testing engine. Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report1 found that attacks on web applications exploiting code-level or authentication mechanism vulnerabilities led to the highest number … More

Huawei releases AirEngine as its new Wi-Fi brand

Huawei announced AirEngine as its new Wi-Fi brand, which will be applied to its full series of enterprise-class Wi-Fi 6 products. Additionally, Huawei highlighted that its Wi-Fi 6 products have been deployed on a large scale in five major regions worldwide. Emerging applications such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and 4K require more bandwidth, higher concurrency, and lower latency, which poses challenges to traditional Wi-Fi networks. These challenges must be resolved as quickly … More

McAfee achieves validation from AWS, demonstrating technical proficiency and proven customer success

McAfee, a device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, announced that McAfee MVISION Cloud has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency status and received AWS Well-Architected designation for its Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technology. This makes McAfee the first CASB technology vendor to achieve AWS Security Competency status, demonstrating its technical proficiency and relentless execution to address its customers’ cloud security needs. Enterprise organizations are accelerating business through cloud adoption. However, securing those cloud environments means upholding … More

ERMProtect new educational games show employees how to work safely online

ERMProtect, a leading cybersecurity firm, launched new educational games that show employees how to work safely online so they minimize the risk of triggering an organizational data breach. The new offerings expand the company’s expansive line up of animated chalkboard videos, digital games, cyber dictionaries, phishing tests and quizzes that train employees to recognize hacker lures, so they are less likely to compromise sensitive data. “Spot the Phish” shows employees emails, on-line advertisements, sign-in links … More

CloudBees acquires Electric Cloud providing continuous integration, delivery, deployment and ARA

CloudBees, the enterprise DevOps leader powering the continuous economy, announced the acquisition of Electric Cloud, a market leader in continuous delivery and application release automation (ARA). This acquisition establishes CloudBees as the first provider of end-to-end continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), continuous deployment and ARA. The acquisition of Electric Cloud was completed earlier in April. “As of today, we provide customers with best-of-breed CI/CD software from a single vendor, establishing CloudBees as a continuous … More