Cloudera launches an IoT architecture with Red Hat and Eurotech to accelerate IoT deployments

Cloudera announced the launch of an end-to-end, open source Internet of Things (IoT) architecture in collaboration with Red Hat and Eurotech. Enterprises now have a modern IoT architecture that is scalable, secure, and technologically advanced without vendor lock-in. Organizations that bought into proprietary IoT platforms are finding themselves tied to limited functionality, locked into a particular vendor, and unable to scale. Enterprises have had to piece together multiple vendors’ solutions, manage all of the complexities … More

Automation Anywhere launches cloud strategy with global cloud companies

Automation Anywhere Enterprise is now one of the only Digital Workforce Platforms to support the cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure. The Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform can be deployed on-premises, in a hybrid cloud, or on cloud platforms to provide scale and flexibility, offering a range of options to meet the deployment needs of organizations. Many companies are moving their applications from on-premises to be hosted in private … More

Cloudistics Migration Manager enables workload migrations between platforms

Cloudistics announced the release of Cloudistics Migration Manager for the company’s Ignite platform. A no-cost application that is built into the Cloudistics Application Marketplace, it provides migration for workloads to Cloudistics, enabling users to migrate workloads in hours. Organizations usually find application migration to be complicated and time consuming, so by including Migration Manager with every Cloudistics platform, customers can sidestep a problem, accelerate time to value, and increase immediate ROI. Cloudistics Migration Manager is … More

Resecurity names Ian Cook as strategic adviser

Ian Cook is an industry veteran and leader in cybersecurity. Ian has pioneered the application of Government Intelligence procedures in the corporate sector to predict future security risks and enable security managers to better target their resources and make strategic decisions. In 2004, he spent a one-year sabbatical at Cogenta developing Intelligent Open Source Monitoring Tools for collecting data from the Dark or Hidden Web. According to Steve Katz, who became the world’s first CISO … More

Trend Micro teams up with Moxa to secure and accelerate IIoT applications

Trend Micro has announced a new partnership with Moxa as part of its Technology Alliance Partner Program to jointly develop solutions to protect Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments like smart manufacturing and smart energy. IIoT projects offer organizations across a range of sectors the opportunity to become more agile, efficient and cost effective. In manufacturing, oil and gas, and transportation, adoption of solutions is estimated to have reached 86 percent. Surging interest in IIoT … More

NTT Security launches WSaaS as part of its partnership program with Symantec

NTT Security has announced it is ready to deliver its unified service in partnership with Symantec Corporation. NTT Security, which announced its intention to enter into a strategic partnership in April, will integrate Symantec’s cloud based security service with NTT Security’s threat detection, providing Web Security as a Service (WSaaS). WSaaS will be the first service offered through the partnership program, which was set up to bolster web security services to clients across the cloud, … More

Atlassian to acquire OpsGenie to help IT teams manage service disruptions

Atlassian announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire OpsGenie. Dealing with IT outages and downtime is one of the biggest technical challenges of the modern era, costing North American businesses an estimated $700 billion per year. Today’s world of interconnected cloud services and microservice architectures has created more opportunities for something to go wrong and disrupt service. When that happens, there’s a need to alert the right people or teams to fix … More

Innogy and Intertrust to deliver privacy-centric data services for home IoT

Innogy and Intertrust announced that innogy will use Intertrust Modulus Data Rights Management Platform for privacy-centric data services. With the integration of Intertrust Modulus, customers of innogy’s smart home offering can manage their data, even if they have subscribed to a variety of services. This allows third-parties like insurers to work through innogy’s service to analyze customer data without compromising the consumer’s privacy rights and respecting GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Rather than focusing purely … More

Lenovo and Pivot3 optimize smart city security

Lenovo and Pivot3 announced a strategic partnership to develop, market and sell a new set of edge computing solutions optimized for mission-critical smart city security. The integrated appliances feature Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG) ThinkSystem servers powered by Pivot3 HCI software. Much of the smart city market growth is being driven by mission-critical security initiatives which rely on information collated from an array of city sensors and databases combined with video data and analytics including … More

Vault, QuintessenceLabs and Ziroh Labs to create encryption to secure government data

Vault will collaborate with QuintessenceLabs and Ziroh Labs with the aim of creating secure and scalable package for enterprise file synchronisation and sharing (EFSS) systems hosted in an secure environment. Vault and QuintessenceLabs, based in Canberra, were recently awarded a slice of the $3 million 2017–18 Project Fund from AustCyber to advance Australia’s position in innovation and cybersecurity. The consortium will bring together QuintessenceLabs’ quantum key generation and management with Vault’s ‘protected’ cloud. Vault is … More

Moogsoft announces Observe expanding its AIOps platform capabilities

Moogsoft announced the launch of Moogsoft Observe. This technology extends Moogsoft’s core AIOps platform capabilities from centralized analytics outwards to the data source, providing IT teams with visibility and observability of customer-impacting problems wherever they occur. Moogsoft Observe is the technology that ingests time-series and metrics data in real-time and applies AI to detect incidents at the source of the problem. Observe stores anomalous and contextual data, giving IT teams knowledge to improve their online … More

Monnit and Cradlepoint partner to deliver wireless connectivity solutions for IoT

Monnit announced a partnership with Cradlepoint, to offer wireless sensor-to-cloud connectivity solutions for IoT. Under the partnership, Monnit’s ALTA wireless sensor adapters integrate with Cradlepoint wireless edge routers to provide reliable and secure connectivity of sensors to cloud-based monitoring applications. “Monnit is excited to extend reliable sensing capabilities to Cradlepoint wireless routers with our ALTA wireless sensor adapter. Merging the two solutions allows both Monnit and Cradlepoint partners the ability to expand functionality of deployments … More