7 free cyber threat maps showing attack intensity and frequency

Cyber threat maps are one of the most visually engaging tools in the arsenal of cybersecurity professionals. These real-time visualizations provide a global perspective on digital threats, showcasing the intensity and frequency of attacks as they happen.

This article lists various platforms that stand out in this domain. From the collaborative efforts of Google Ideas and Arbor Networks in the Arbor Networks Digital Attack Map to the extensive global threat intelligence network of Fortinet Threat Map, we cover a range of tools designed to enhance your situational awareness.

cyber threat maps

Arbor Networks Digital Attack Map

The Digital Attack Map is a real-time visual representation of worldwide DDoS attacks resulting from a partnership between Google Ideas and Arbor Networks. This utility reveals anonymized data on attack traffic, enabling users to discover historical patterns and reports of network disruptions specific to any chosen day.

Bitdefender Cyberthreat Real-Time Map

The Bitdefender Cyberthreat Real-Time Map provides a comprehensive and instantaneous perspective on cyber threats across the globe. It showcases information related to various malicious activities, including cyber-attacks, infections, and additional security breaches happening worldwide.

Check Point Live Cyber Threat Map

Visualize the attack landscape via Check Point’s Live Cyber Threat Map. Gain situational awareness and bolster your decision-making process with the support of an AI-powered instrument designed to safeguard your personnel, operations, and technological assets.

cyber threat maps

Fortinet Threat Map

The Fortinet Threat Map provides live updates on threats such as malware, botnets, and DDoS attacks. Utilizing its extensive global threat intelligence network, Fortinet gathers data for this map, incorporating information from FortiGate devices across the globe.

NETSCOUT Live DDoS Attack Map

NETSCOUT Cyber Threat Horizon (Horizon) is a global cybersecurity situational awareness platform that provides organizations with highly contextualized visibility into ‘over the horizon’ threat activity on the landscape.

cyber threat maps

Radware Live Threat Map

Radware’s Live Threat Map presents near real-time information about cyberattacks as they occur, based on their global threat deception network and cloud systems event information.

cyber threat maps

Spamhaus Live Botnet Threats Worldwide

The Spamhaus Live Botnet Threats Worldwide enables you to investigate the distribution of IP addresses associated with servers that control malware, examine the quantity of botnets currently in operation, and identify the top 10 countries and ISPs most affected by botnets.

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