Securing privacy in the face of expanding data volumes

One of the primary concerns regarding data privacy is the potential for breaches and unauthorized access. Whether it’s financial records, medical histories, or personal communications, individuals have a right to control who can access their data and for what purposes.

In this Help Net Security round-up, we present parts of previously recorded videos in which security experts discuss various aspects of data privacy and protection.

Complete videos

  • Stephen Cavey, Chief Evangelist at Ground Labs, talks about how businesses and job seekers are not only prioritizing data privacy but using it as a competitive advantage in this rivalrous landscape.
  • Dana Morris, SVP Product and Engineering at Virtru, talks about privacy-preserving cryptography.
  • Kris Lahiri, CSO at Egnyte, believes data privacy violations cast a long shadow and takes a closer look at the lasting consequences.
  • Karen Schuler, Global Privacy & Data Protection Chair at BDO, discusses overconfidence in data privacy and data protection practices.
  • Romain Deslorieux, Global Director, Strategic Partnerships at Thales, discusses what companies should be planning based on current regulations and what steps they can take to prepare for the future.

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