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Black Hat USA 2016
D-Link DWR-932

D-Link DWR-932 router is chock-full of security holes

Security researcher Pierre Kim has unearthed a bucketload of vulnerabilities affecting the LTE router/portable wireless hotspot D-Link DWR-932. Among these are backdoor accounts, weak default PINs, and hardcoded passwords. Kim went searching for …


Enhance iMessage security using Confide

One of the new features in iOS 10 offers the possibility of deploying specially crafted applications within iMessage. Most users will probably (ab)use this new functionality for sending tiresome animations and gestures, but some applications can …


The psychological reasons behind risky password practices

Despite high-profile, large-scale data breaches dominating the news cycle – and repeated recommendations from experts to use strong passwords – consumers have yet to adjust their own behavior when it comes to password reuse. A Lab42 …


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Black Hat USA 2016