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Webinar: Defending account takeovers at Remitly

Account Takeover attacks don’t follow conventional attack patterns – they look, act, and feel like legitimate users. Without the right tooling, visibility into your environment, and intimate understanding of your users, defending …


Indicators of poor password hygiene exposed

The recovered compromised credentials and personally identifiable information (PII) as well as the identified trends in online security habits and the data criminals tend to steal and use, have been released in the 2018 Credential Exposure …


Detecting Trojan attacks against deep neural networks

A group of researchers with CSIRO’s Data61, the digital innovation arm of Australia’s national science agency, have been working on a system for run time detection of trojan attacks on deep neural network models. Although it has yet to be tested …


Building security into cloud native apps with NGINX

Companies like Airbnb, Uber and DoorDash, which have a cloud-based software infrastructure as one of their main enablers, are disrupting the hospitality, transportation and food delivery sector. Why do all these new companies use the cloud and …

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