ISSUE 43(September, 2014)

  • How to tell if your security system has been fingerprinted by evasive malware
  • Mobile hackers look to the network
  • Why every security-conscious organization needs a honeypot
  • Securing the U.S. electrical grid
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ISSUE 42(June, 2014)

  • Six infosec tips I learned from Game of Thrones
  • Dissecting the newly-discovered desire for control and privacy
  • Incident response and failure of the “Just Fix It” attitude
  • How to learn information security
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ISSUE 41(February, 2014)

  • Cloud insecurity? Time to bust the myth
  • Executive hot seat: Cloud Security Alliance CEO
  • Security uncertainty in the cloud: Problems and potential solutions
  • Share with the world: Who reads my data in the cloud?
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ISSUE 40(December, 2013)

  • How malware became the cyber threat it is today
  • Testing anti-malware products
  • Shoulder surfing via audio frequencies for XBox Live passwords
  • How to write Yara rules to detect malware
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ISSUE 39(September, 2013)

  • Dear CSO, do you know how to build security culture?
  • How to secure a company‚Äôs Chinese development center?
  • The state of web application security in numbers
  • Web application exploitation with broken authentication and path traversal
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ISSUE 38(June, 2013)

  • Becoming a computer forensic examiner
  • UEFI secure boot: Next generation booting or a controversial debate
  • How to detect malicious network behavior
  • What startups can learn from enterprise level data security tactics
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ISSUE 37(March, 2013)

  • Becoming a malware analyst
  • Five questions for Microsoft’s Chief Privacy Officer
  • Application security testing for AJAX and JSON
  • Penetrating and achieving persistence in highly secured networks
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ISSUE 36(December, 2012)

  • What makes security awareness training successful?
  • Five questions for Microsoft’s Worldwide Chief Security Advisor
  • Computer forensic examiners are from Mars, attorneys are from Venus
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ISSUE 35(December, 2012)

  • Administrative scripting with Nmap
  • Information security in Europe with ENISA Executive Director Prof. Udo Helmbrecht
  • Unintended, malicious and evil applications of augmented reality
  • The enemy at the gate
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ISSUE 34(June, 2012)

  • Fitness as a model for security
  • Security and migrating to the cloud: Is it all doom and gloom?
  • Solid state drives: Forensic preservation issues
  • Introduction to Android malware analysis
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