ISSUE 33.5(March, 2012 )

Special issue focused on RSA Conference US 2012.

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ISSUE 33(February, 2012 )
  • Securing Android: Think outside the box
  • Interview with Joe Sullivan, CSO at Facebook
  • White hat shellcode: Not for exploits
  • Using mobile device management for risk mitigation in a heterogeneous environment
  • Metasploit: The future of penetration testing with HD Moore
  • Using and extending the Vega open source web security platform
  • Next-generation policies: Managing the human factor in security
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ISSUE 32(December, 2011 )
  • 7 questions you always wanted to ask a professional vulnerability researcher
  • Insights on drive-by browser history stealing
  • PacketFence: Because NAC doesn’t have to be hard!
  • Information security and the threat landscape with Raj Samani
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ISSUE 31(September, 2011 )
  • The changing face of hacking
  • The need for foundational controls in cloud computing
  • A new approach to data centric security
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ISSUE 30(June, 2011 )
  • Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkitup?
  • Transaction monitoring as an issuer fraud risk management technique in the banking up?
  • card payment systemup?

  • IPv6: Saviour and threatup?
  • The hard truth about mobile application security: Separating hype from realityup?
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ISSUE 29(March, 2011 )
  • Virtual machines: Added planning to the forensic acquisition process
  • Financial Trojans: Following the money
  • Mobile encryption: The new frontier
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ISSUE 26(November, 2010 )
  • Database protocol exploits explained
  • Measuring web application security coverage
  • Inside backup and storage: The expert’s view
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ISSUE 27(September, 2010 )
  • Review: BlockMaster SafeStick secure USB flash drive
  • The devil is in the details: Securing the enterprise against the cloud
  • Cybercrime may be on the rise, but authentication evolves to defeat it
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ISSUE 26(June, 2010 )
  • PCI: Security’s lowest common denominator
  • Analyzing Flash-based RIA components and discovering vulnerabilities
  • Logs: Can we finally tame the beast?
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ISSUE 25(April, 2010 )
  • The changing face of penetration testing: Evolve or die!
  • Cloud computing and recovery, not just backup
  • EJBCA: Make your own certificate authority
  • Advanced attack detection using OSSIM
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ISSUE 24(February, 2010 )
  • Writing a secure SOAP client with PHP: Field report from a real-world project
  • How virtualized browsing shields against web-based attacks
  • Preparing a strategy for application vulnerability detection
  • Threats 2.0: A glimpse into the near future
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ISSUE 23(November, 2009 )
  • Microsoft’s security patches year in review: A malware researcher’s perspective
  • A closer look at Red Condor Hosted Service
  • Study uncovers alarming password usage behavior
  • Elevating email to an enterprise-class database application solution
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ISSUE 72(July, 2022 )
  • 7 threat detection challenges CISOs face and what they can do about it
  • How to set up a powerful insider threat program
  • An offensive mindset is crucial for effective cyber defense
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ISSUE 71.5(June, 2022 )

Several of the most pressing topics discussed during this year’s Conference included issues surrounding privacy and surveillance, the positive and negative impacts of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the nuances of risk and policy, and more.

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ISSUE 71(March, 2022 )
  • Why security strategies need a new perspective
  • The evolution of security analytics
  • Open-source code: How to stay secure while moving fast
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