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Rethink network security outside the box

Preventing bad guys from compromising an organization has historically been executed based on a basic concept: establish a perimeter, and control who and what goes in and out. …

Ubee EVW3226
Flaws in Ubee router can facilitate attacks on connected networks

Researchers have discovered five critical vulnerabilities in Ubee EVW3226, a VoIP cable modem router used by operators across Europe, which can be exploited to compromise the …

Has your network been compromised? Use RITA to find out

Have you heard about RITA? Real Intelligence Threat Analysis is a an open source tool – a framework, actually – aimed at helping organizations find malicious …

network cables
Will 2016 be the year of the 100G network?

100G Ethernet networks will be deployed much faster and more broadly than previously expected. Based on the influence of new paradigms currently emerging like SDN, NFV, Big …

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