IntSights Cyber Intelligence appoints Nick Hayes as VP of strategy

IntSights Cyber Intelligence appointed former Forrester senior analyst Nick Hayes as Vice President of strategy. Demonstrating IntSights’ continued growth and commitment to internal cyber security expertise, Hayes joins the executive team to identify, prioritize and support strategic growth initiatives across business functions and evangelize IntSights products and services among customers, prospects and the community at large. “IntSights experienced unprecedented growth in 2018 by increasing revenue by more than 2.5x, adding 120 new customers and 140 … More

XebiaLabs launches new DevOps risk and compliance capability for software releases

XebiaLabs launched the chain of custody, security and compliance risk assessment tracking for software releases available for enterprise software delivery. Organizations struggle to track application release status information and understand security and compliance risks across many different applications, teams, and environments. When risk assessment, security testing, and compliance checks aren’t built into the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, releases fail and cause delays, security vulnerabilities threaten production, and IT governance violations result in expensive fines. … More

Cybersecurity firm Syncurity closes $2M seed round of institutional investment

Syncurity revealed the second and final close of its two million 2018 institutional investment round. The round was initially led by the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) before closing oversubscribed with the addition of Kluz Ventures, through its fund The Next Impact, and SixThirty CYBER. In addition, the company has added former Zscaler CISO, Michael Sutton to its Board of Advisors, further enhancing Syncurity’s depth of security, technology and cloud expertise. Proceeds of the investment … More

Vesta launches payment and fraud prevention solutions for e-Commerce

Vesta has launched three payment solutions – Guaranteed Payments, Guaranteed Gateway and Guaranteed Acquiring – that enable e-commerce companies to grow their business by focusing on revenue rather than risk. Vesta has a 20-year history of delivering payment solutions that drive revenue, maximize efficiencies and eliminate fraud liability for leading brands. The company pioneered the processing of card-not-present (CNP) payment transactions for the telecommunications industry and has broadened its suite of solutions to support e-commerce … More

IoT Community announces formation of Security, Privacy & Trust IoT Center of Excellence (SPTIoTCoE)

The IoT Community (Internet of Things Community) unveiled the formation of its security, privacy and trust focused IoT Center of Excellence (SPTIoTCoE), which will be Co-Chaired by Nancy Shemwell, Chief Operating Officer of the IoT Community and Dipto Chakravarty, Chief Technology Officer at Exostar. Ms. Shemwell previously served as the Chief Executive Officer at the cybersecurity firm, Vericlave, and currently serves as Chair of their Board of Advisors. Serving as Vice Chair of the CoE … More

Trustwave unveils new advanced Secure Email Gateway for blended threats

Trustwave unveiled Trustwave Secure Email Gateway (SEG) 8.2, the latest iteration of its email security platform that offers organizations a solution for advanced email security, extensive policy control and reporting. Trustwave SEG 8.2 supports Microsoft Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS), an enterprise cloud-based protection service that employs encryption, identity, and authorization policies to help secure documents and email content traversing across networks and devices. Email remains one of the largest attack surfaces for organizations of … More

Threat modelling joins DevSecOps processes through automation

Created by Continuum Security, IriusRisk 2.0 is a tool that enables threat modelling at scale and provides follow-up throughout the development process via integration with developer workflows and security testing tools. As the security industry makes a move towards DevSecOps – where secure development processes are largely automated – there is an increased desire to shift security left into the design phase along with a focus to automate as much as possible. Threat modelling has … More

Trend Micro IoT Security 2.0 enhances end user protection and device makers’ reputation

Trend Micro launched Trend Micro IoT Security (TMIS) 2.0 to help manufacturers and managed service providers improve the security of their products and the wider IoT ecosystem, while enabling them to drive differentiation. With most traditional security products, it’s not possible for end users to install protection for IoT solutions by themselves, which is where TMIS 2.0 comes in. “IoT threats are no longer theoretical: endpoints around the globe are being hijacked for data theft, … More

FireEye updates Email Security with new threat detection and evasion defenses

FireEye revealed a number of new defenses that are now available on FireEye Email Security – Server Edition, in direct response to the changing cyber threat landscape. “FireEye continues to keep pace with the most sophisticated attackers,” said Ken Bagnall, vice president of email security at FireEye. “With our knowledge gained on the front lines with our incident response experts, we build new techniques for detecting attacks and attempts to bypass defenses. The speed and … More

Red Hat unifies automation across hybrid cloud management with Red Hat Ansible Tower 3.4

Red Hat launched Red Hat Ansible Tower 3.4, the latest version of its enterprise framework for automating across IT operations including infrastructure, networks, cloud and security. Red Hat Ansible Tower 3.4 includes workflow enhancements including nested workflows and workflow convergence, designed to simplify challenges inherent in managing hybrid cloud infrastructure. A common reality for enterprises can be that separate IT teams may manage on-premises IT vs. cloud services, each with their own sets of Ansible … More

Gemalto helps simplify and secure IoT connectivity to the AT&T network with eSIM and IoT module

Gemalto is helping simplify and secure IoT connectivity for AT&T customers by integrating its embedded SIM (eSIM) inside the Cinterion LTE-M IoT module. The new solution streamlines development for OEMs and reduces the cost and complexity of IoT deployment by eliminating the need for SIM card integration after manufacturing. In addition, the eSIM helps maintain the strongest security levels with continuous security updates for the long life of IoT solutions. Samples of the new module … More

Polyverse announces technology partnership with Red Hat

Polyverse unveiled that Red Hat has certified Polyverse’s polymorphic version of Linux on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Polyverse’s Polymorphic Linux has been tested by Red Hat and certified for use on the platform, ensuring performance and compatibility for enterprise customers, who can now secure their sensitive data with the only moving target defense solution proven by the U.S. Department of Defense to stop 100 percent of zero-day memory exploits. “Our polymorphic Linux technology is resonating … More