Shaping the future of digital identity

Digital identity refers to the unique and electronically stored representation of an individual or entity’s personal information, characteristics, and attributes. It encompasses various digital identifiers, such as usernames, email addresses, biometric data, or government-issued IDs, that allow users to authenticate themselves online and access services securely.

Digital identity plays a vital role in enabling digital interactions, safeguarding privacy, and facilitating seamless transactions in the digital realm. The next advanced digital progression involves linking a person’s real identity with the physical government ID, enabling individuals to verify their identity through a mobile device from any location.

In this Help Net Security round-up, we present excerpts from previously recorded videos featuring experts in the field. They share their knowledge and insights about the need for safer digital identity, age identification verification for social media, and the overall advancements and needs of the digital ID verification industry.

Complete videos
  • Jenn Markey, VP of Payments and Identities at Entrust, talks about how biometrics, hybrid solutions, and decentralized identity are transforming the industry and the future of identity verification.
  • Jeff Reich, Executive Director at the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), talks about how with cybersecurity incidents involving compromised credentials continually the most common cause of a data breach for enterprises – and account takeover for individuals, securing digital identities has become paramount.
  • Philipp Pointner, Chief of Digital Identity at Jumio, discusses Jumio’s age verification survey, which suggests that many parents agree social media sites should implement more robust protections.
  • Karla McKenna, Managing Director at the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF), reviews the model and the technologies underpinning the verifiable LEI – or vLEI – a new digital identity service designed to overcome this challenge by enabling organizations everywhere to make better decisions about who and what they trust when engaging in digital transactions.
  • Leonard Navarro, VP of Business Development at Nametag, gives a snapshot of the digital ID verification industry, market, provides some use cases and talks about technology advances in this space.

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