10 free cybersecurity guides you might have missed

This collection of free cybersecurity guides covers a broad range of topics, from resources for developing cybersecurity programs to specific guides for various sectors and organizations.

Whether you work for a small business, a large corporation, or a specific industry, these guides provide insights into cybersecurity best practices, strategies to combat threats, and advice for using online services safely.

free cybersecurity guides

Cybersecurity resource and reference guide

This guide compiles U.S. and International resources for developing cybersecurity programs and establishing robust network protection. It covers trusted network operation and information systems security materials, focusing on confidentiality, integrity, and other key aspects. Aimed at fostering security cooperation, it includes information on cybersecurity norms, best practices, policies, and standards.

free cybersecurity guides

Cyber Security Toolkit for Boards

The Board Toolkit from the NCSC assists boards in embedding cyber resilience and risk management across an organization, encompassing its personnel, systems, processes, and technologies. The toolkit is designed for board members of medium to large organizations in any sector, including Boards of Directors, Boards of Governors/Advisors, Non-executive Directors, or Boards of Trustees.

Guide for Users of C2M2 and CMMC

This guide is designed for users of the Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2) seeking Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) to fulfill DoD contractual obligations. It aims to assist these users in utilizing their existing C2M2 experience while pinpointing further actions needed for CMMC certification compliance.

free cybersecurity guides

Department of Defense (DoD) Cybersecurity Reference Architecture

The Cybersecurity Reference Architecture (CSRA) outlines principles, components, and design patterns for combating internal and external network threats, ensuring cyberspace survivability and operational resilience. Designed for entities needing access to DoD resources, the CSRA guides the establishment of cybersecurity, promoting integrated deterrence and strategic procurement planning.

Guide to Securing Remote Access Software

Authored by CISA, NSA, FBI, MS-ISAC, and INCD, this guide offers insights into prevalent exploitations and their related tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). It also presents recommendations for IT/OT and ICS professionals and organizations on best practices in employing remote capabilities, along with strategies to identify and counteract malicious actors exploiting this software.

Incident Response Guide: Water and Wastewater Sector

In collaboration with the EPA, FBI, and sector partners, CISA has developed this Incident Response Guide (IRG) specifically for the Water and Wastewater Systems (WWS) Sector. This unique IRG offers vital information on federal roles, resources, and responsibilities throughout the cyber incident response lifecycle, enabling WWS Sector owners and operators to enhance their incident response plans and overall cyber resilience.

NIST Phish Scale User Guide

The NIST Phish Scale provides a system for those implementing cybersecurity and phishing awareness training to assess the difficulty of detecting phishing attempts in emails. This guide explains the Phish Scale and offers step-by-step instructions for applying it to phishing emails. Additionally, it includes appendices with worksheets to help trainers use the Phish Scale effectively, as well as detailed information about email characteristics and relevant research findings.

Phishing guidance: Stopping the attack cycle at phase one

This guide details common phishing techniques used by attackers and offers strategies for network defenders and software manufacturers to mitigate the impact of these attacks, including credential theft and malware deployment. Recognizing the resource constraints of some organizations, it includes specific recommendations for SMBs that lack dedicated IT staff for continuous phishing defense.

free cybersecurity guides

#StopRansomware Guide

This guide serves as a resource for organizations to mitigate the risk of ransomware attacks. It offers best practices for detection, prevention, response, and recovery, including detailed strategies to tackle potential threats. It was developed through the Joint Ransomware Task Force (JRTF), an interagency body established by Congress in the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act of 2022 (CIRCIA).

Using online services safely

This guide offers practical advice for securely utilizing online services, reducing the risk of cyber attacks for small organizations. It covers essential online tools such as email, instant messaging, cloud storage, online accounting and invoice management, website or online shop hosting, and social media interaction, which are crucial for daily operations even if their use isn’t always obvious.

free cybersecurity guides

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