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Security management outlook: Five trends to watch

Cybersecurity can’t sit still. As we look ahead to what this year has in store for the security management landscape, organizations globally should be paying attention to five key trends. 1. Cybercrime recognized as a dark industry Over the last …

Encrypted webmail service Lavabit relaunched

Lavabit, the secure encrypted webmail service used by Edward Snowden, is back online. Lavabit founder and operator Ladar Levison shut it down in 2013 when the US government demanded he hand over the service’s SSL encryption key. The key …

Android malware

Researchers predict upsurge of Android banking malware

Android users, beware: source code and instructions for creating a potent Android banking Trojan have been leaked on a hacker forum, and researchers are expecting an onslaught of malware based on it. In fact, one has already been spotted. …

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