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Know your enemy: The most popular hacking methods

Outsiders want to become insiders with the least possible effort, and insiders help them do so – mostly accidentally, according to Balabit. 54% of the survey respondents said that, according to their experience, organisations are still …


A look into the current state of mobile security

A quarter of all mobile apps have at least one high risk security flaw, 35 percent of communications sent by mobile devices are unencrypted, and the average mobile device connects to 160 unique servers each day, according to a new NowSecure …


Beware of Airbnb-themed phishing schemes

Airbnb-themed phishing scams do not crop up often, but customers of the service should be aware of the possibility of getting their login credentials stolen and misused. Malwarebytes’ Chris Boyd has recently spotted an email phishing …


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