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Former SunTrust employee stole data on 1.5 million clients

US commercial bank SunTrust has announced on Friday that they’ve fallen victim to insider threat, and that customer records of some 1.5 million of its customers had been extracted from its systems. What is known so far and has been shared …


FDA plans to improve medical device cybersecurity

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to tackle security issues related to medical devices and has released a plan of action it means to implement in the near future. Broadly, plan is as follows: Establish a robust medical device …


IT workforce increasingly overworked and stressed out

45% of IT workers are feeling the pressure of strained technology operations and suffer regular stress in their jobs, according to Chess Cybersecurity. IT staff who said they were stressed out indicated the following: 59% work more than 45 hours …


Most dangerous attack techniques, and what’s coming next

Experts from SANS presented the five most dangerous new cyber attack techniques in their annual RSA Conference 2018 keynote session in San Francisco, and shared their views on how they work, how they can be stopped or at least slowed, and how …


GDPR: It’s an issue of transparency

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been on the lips of security professionals for a long time now – but in just over a month, it will become a reality. While it is easy to get stuck with reviewing the potential fines or setting up …

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