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Cryptocurrency mining malware increases 86%

McAfee released its McAfee Labs Threats Report September 2018, examining the growth and trends of new cyber threats in Q2 2018. In the second quarter, they saw the surge in cryptomining malware growth that began in Q4 2017 continue through the …


Cybersecurity has a diversity problem: Here’s why

I’ve gotten really good at listing really depressing and disheartening stats over the years. It’s not what I want to be good at, but I’ve found that it’s necessary to help people understand that the gender gap is real, especially for women in …


Why security products should be more actionable for users

As an active angel investor in companies that want to bring new security technology into the market, Azi Cohen is most likely to be persuaded to invest by three things: an endorsement from an external CISO, a clear go-to-market plan, and a team …

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