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Minecraft players get scams instead of mods

Google has recently removed 87 fake Minecraft mods from Google Play, after being notified by researchers about their malicious nature. A partial list of these malicious Android packages can be found here. If you have recently downloaded a …

Microsoft Word

Sushi or pizza? Mac or Windows threat?

Fortinet researchers have made an unusual find: a malicious Word file that is meant to target both OS X and Windows users. As has lately become the norm, when opened, the file requests users to enable macros in order to see its contents. If the …


Can you justify your security spend?

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2017, Todd Bramblett, President of Nehemiah Security, talks about why cyber risk has become such a hot topic, the importance of IT operations and cybersecurity working together, as well as the AtomicEye …


Will most security operations transition to the cloud?

Companies across industries are increasingly leveraging the cloud for security applications, with 42 percent indicating they currently run security applications in the cloud and 45 percent stating they are likely or extremely likely to …

ransomware strike game

Ransomware Strike Game: Classic shooter reinvented

Today you have a chance to kill the ugly ransomware creature with a gun. Netwrix presents its Ransomware Strike Game, a cyber-security version of the classic shooter. 5 fastest ransomware hunters will receive a $25 Amazon gift card each Contest …

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