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Google Play

Stealthy cryptomining apps still on Google Play

Researchers have flagged 25 apps on Google Play that are surreptitiously mining cryptocurrency for their developers, and some of these have still not been removed, they warn. About the malicious apps Disguised as games, utilities and educational …


Why security products should be more actionable for users

As an active angel investor in companies that want to bring new security technology into the market, Azi Cohen is most likely to be persuaded to invest by three things: an endorsement from an external CISO, a clear go-to-market plan, and a team …


Smart homes, dumb devices: Making the IoT safe

The Internet of Things is growing by the second. Gartner predicts that by 2020, there will be 20.4 billion connected devices worldwide. Unfortunately, this vast network presents hackers with an equally vast array of easy access points to take …

spray-on antenna

Researchers develop invisibly thin spray-on antennas

The promise of wearables, functional fabrics, the Internet of Things, and their “next-generation” technological cohort seems tantalizingly within reach. But researchers in the field will tell you a prime reason for their delayed …

macOS Mojave

Security and privacy improvements in macOS Mojave

Apple has released macOS Mojave, which comes with a new Dark Mode, a redesigned Mac App Store, and many new and modified features. It also sports changes aimed at enhancing users’ privacy and security. Improvements in Safari Some of these …


A law enforcement view of emerging cybercrime threats

Cybercriminals are adopting creative new techniques to target their victims at an unprecedented pace and are constantly seeking methods to avoid law enforcement detection. To stay ahead of them, law enforcement should target cybercriminals …

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