The Chertoff Group and Dragos providing risk management for industrial organizations

The Chertoff Group and Dragos announced the formation of a unique alliance that will provide a holistic approach to cybersecurity risk management for industrial organizations seeking to protect critical infrastructure environments from today’s constantly evolving cyber threats. The Chertoff Group is combining its policy intelligence, technology expertise and vast experience communicating threats to executives with Dragos’ industrial control system (ICS) expertise and best-in-class asset identification, threat detection and response platform. This alliance between two of … More

Indegy and Owl Cyber Defense address secure sharing of OT data with IT security systems

Indegy, a leading provider of security solutions for industrial control system (ICS) and operational technology (OT) environments, and Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, the global market leader in data diode network cybersecurity solutions, announced a partnership to provide the safe unification of OT security data with IT monitoring systems. The tested and certified joint Indegy-Owl solution gives customers the confidence of knowing that their OT network is physically inaccessible from the external network while being monitored … More

Trend Micro enhances protection for industrial orgs

Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, announced its complete smart factory security solutions, designed to provide enhanced visibility and protection for embattled industrial control system (ICS) environments. The solutions will secure across all layers of Industry 4.0, mitigating this growing area of cyber risk to keep operations running. Gartner predicts that approximately 49 billion IoT devices will be connected in 2021 and that number will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. Even … More

Jamf unveils Jamf Protect, an enterprise Mac endpoint protection solution

Jamf Protect leverages native Apple security tools and on-device analysis of macOS activity to create customized telemetry that gives enterprise security teams visibility into their macOS fleet and the ability to respond and block identified threats. Jamf Protect is now generally available to commercial organizations in the United States. “Because of Jamf’s Apple-first and Apple-only approach, Jamf Protect is unique in how it provides a granular view of native macOS security capabilities and an analysis … More

Redis Labs launches RedisInsight and automated cluster recovery for Kubernetes

Redis Labs, the home of Redis and provider of Redis Enterprise, announced a new graphical user interface (GUI) tool for developers and administrators, RedisInsight, and automated cluster recovery capabilities for the company’s Kubernetes Operator toolkit, to make it even easier for organizations to deploy and operate Redis at scale. “Both RedisInsight and automated cluster recovery for Kubernetes will enable our customers to increase how and where they use Redis by simplifying how they develop and … More

CloudVector’s API Threat Protection platform monitors and secures APIs to prevent data breaches

CloudVector, the first API Threat Protection platform to go beyond the gateway, announced the launch of its namesake solution, which discovers, monitors and secures APIs to prevent data breaches. The proliferation of APIs have encouraged threat actors to target this new attack vector, increasing the risk of major data breaches. Existing Web Application Firewall (WAF) and API Management gateways are unable to provide API Threat Protection because of inherent limitations in their architectures. According to … More

OpenText announces technology update with innovations across its entire portfolio

OpenText, a global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), announced its latest technology update, with innovations across its entire portfolio. This release further improves the capture, governance, exchange and use of information to drive productivity, growth and a lasting competitive advantage. “OpenText builds the world’s most impressive and compelling EIM platform, designed to help companies gain the agility, scale and capability they need to empower their workforces and delight customers,” said Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText … More

Bitdefender GravityZone enhanced with new endpoint defense capabilities

Bitdefender, a global cybersecurity leader protecting over 500 million systems across 150 countries, announced new endpoint defense capabilities for GravityZone, the company’s unified endpoint prevention, detection and response platform designed to help enterprises stop threats earlier in the attack chain, as well as simplify and speed up incident response. With the new release, Bitdefender GravityZone extends its lead in endpoint prevention by identifying and stopping network-based and fileless attacks, exploits and malicious behaviors, before they … More

Wind River and Xilinx develop new platform for automated driving apps

Wind River, a leader in delivering software for the intelligent edge, announced a collaboration with Xilinx on the development of a comprehensive automated driving platform that integrates Xilinx’s Versal adaptive compute acceleration platform (ACAP) and Wind River automotive software. The collaboration will provide carmakers with a flexible, high-performance compute platform for delivering safe and secure connected and automated driving vehicles. Using IP from both companies, the platform will provide a foundation that rapidly enables and … More

Avaya expands global availability of its DaaS offering

Avaya Holdings announced that it has expanded global availability of its Device as a Service (DaaS) offering, enabling businesses to acquire Avaya’s latest smart devices with the flexibility of a monthly subscription rather than an upfront purchase. Following a successful introduction in the United States in 2018, this offering is now available to customers in Canada and a number of European countries. The Avaya DaaS offering is now available for Avaya IX IP Phones, the … More

Aqua Security acquires CloudSploit to expand into CSPM

Aqua Security, the leading platform provider for securing container-based, serverless, and cloud native applications announced its expansion into cloud security posture management (CSPM) with its acquisition of CloudSploit. CloudSploit’s SaaS-based platform allows customers to monitor their public cloud accounts within minutes, providing visibility to their entire estate of cloud resources, and reduce threats due to misconfiguration and vulnerabilities. CloudSploit automatically manages cloud security risk and benchmarks against industry standards to ensure compliance and has garnered … More

Stellar Cyber adds a new “Data Streaming” Application to its Starlight platform

Security provider Stellar Cyber, with the first Open-XDR security application platform, announced that it has added a new “Data Streaming” Application to its Starlight platform. This App slashes the cost of using an existing SIEM by reducing and optimizing the data fed to it, and ensuring that only high-fidelity, actionable events reach the SIEM instead of oceans of data. With a stand-alone SIEM, customers are used to dumping everything in it in the hope that … More