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Black Hat USA 2016

CodexGigas: Malware profiling search engine

CodexGigas is a free malware profiling search engine powered by Deloitte Argentina, which allows malware analysts to explore malware internals and perform searches over a large number of file characteristics. Instead of relying of file-level …

cloud hand

55% of apps are already in the cloud, security a priority

Executives are increasingly adopting a digital business model, with the cloud as the key enabler. However, security concerns and tepid execution complicate the ability of the executives’ organizations to deliver on that commitment. IDG …

Google Chrome

Google Chrome users targeted by tech support scammers

Google Chrome users, beware: tech support scammers are misusing helpful browser features to impersonate Microsoft and to bombard users users with pop-ups. In the first instance, the scammers are taking advantage of the browser’s …


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Black Hat USA 2016