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Keep unexpected holiday security surprises to a minimum

The chilly weather is setting in here in the northern hemisphere, and as we get ready for the holidays many of us are gathering round a cheery fire. But not everyone is enjoying the warmth of this experience. It’s only a matter of time before we …

Google Chrome

Chrome site isolation option offers more security

Chrome 63, which was promoted to the stable release channel on Wednesday, comes with many security fixes and improvements, especially for the enterprise audience. Site Isolation The biggest news is Site Isolation. Enterprise IT administrators …

Apple iMac

Apple users, it’s time for new security updates

Apple usually pushes out security updates for its various devices and software on the same day, but not this time. The iOS update was rushed out on Saturday because of a critical need to fix a bug in iOS 11 that caused some iPhones to crash when …


Global security spending to reach $96 billion in 2018

Gartner forecasts worldwide enterprise security spending to total $96.3 billion in 2018, an increase of 8 percent from 2017. Organizations are spending more on security as a result of regulations, shifting buyer mindset, awareness of emerging …

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