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1 in 10 banking CEOs don’t know if they’ve been hacked

Twelve percent of banking CEOs say they do not have insight into whether their institution’s security has been compromised by a cyber attack in the past two years, according to KPMG. Their survey also shows that there is a clear disconnect …


ZCryptor ransomware spreads via removable drives

The newly spotted ZCryptor ransomware has also the ability to spread like a worm, Microsoft warns. Once it infects a system, it also copies itself on removable drives, in the hopes that the same drives will end up plugged into another system and …


IT security skills remain in high demand

IT security tops the list of the skills that IT decision-makers say they want their team members to have, according to a new report by Global Knowledge, based on input from more than 10,000 IT and business professionals in North America. Other …


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