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Black Hat USA 2016

The evolution of BEC scams and ransomware

Trend Micro analyzed the trends in attacks and vulnerabilities seen throughout the first half of this year, and found a rise and impact of attacks, such as a 172 percent increase in ransomware and $3 billion in losses due to business email …


Researchers design a chip that checks for sabotage

With the outsourcing of microchip design and fabrication a worldwide, $350 billion business, bad actors along the supply chain have many opportunities to install malicious circuitry in chips. These Trojan horses look harmless but can allow …


Privileged user abuse and the insider threat

Although insider leaks and attacks continue to multiply, a Ponemon Institute study found that 58 percent of IT operations and security managers believe their organizations are unnecessarily granting access to individuals beyond their roles or …


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Black Hat USA 2016