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German law enforcement gets new hacking powers

On Thursday, the Bundestag has voted to accept a new amendment that will expand the German police’s hacking powers. The new amendment will allow them to use so-called “federal Trojans” to hack into targets’ computer, …


With ransomware, pay up if you want to keep paying

A hospital CEO is contacted in the middle of the night with a dire warning. Hackers have taken control of computer systems used for patient care, CT scans, and lab work. The hacker wants money. Rather than pay the ransom, the hospital CEO …


Crowdsourced security testing and bug bounties

In the past few years, the bug bounty economy has been growing steadily, with more organizations getting on board every day. In this podcast, Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge, talks about crowdsourced security testing and bug bounties. …

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