Pokémon chooses Vera’s data-centric security platform to protect critical IP worldwide

Vera unveiled that The Pokémon has chosen Vera as the company’s enterprise standard for data security and rights management. Responsible for brand management, licensing, and marketing, The Pokémon is harnessing Vera’s data-centric security platform to protect IP and other sensitive content once created and shared amongst employees, partners, and third-party contractors worldwide. ‘’For an international brand like Pokémon, having the tools to enable employees and partners to share information more freely, and securely, is extremely … More

Data Theorem introduces automated API discovery and security inspection solution

Data Theorem introduced today the industry’s first automated API discovery and security inspection solution aimed at addressing API security threats introduced by today’s enterprise serverless and microservices applications, including Shadow APIs. With today’s launch, users can automate API discovery and security inspection seamlessly into their DevOps practices and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes to protect any modern application. The industry is seeing a rapid rise of new applications built with modern tools such as Amazon … More

Unidirectional Security Gateways provide safe IT/OT integration to Chinese industry

Waterfall’s flagship products were awarded China Compulsory Product Certification (CCC). The CCC Mark is essential for any manufacturer selling to Chinese manufacturers, industries and critical infrastructures. With CCC certification in place, Chinese owners and operators of industrial control systems can be confident that Waterfall’s products comply with Chinese safety and other operating requirements. “Waterfall’s market is constantly growing and expanding, as well as that of our global partner network,” said Lior Frenkel, CEO and Co-Founder … More

High-Tech Bridge to leverage AI and Big Data to map application security risks and threats

High-Tech Bridge launched ImmuniWeb Discovery AI to conduct the threat-aware risk assessment and inventory of websites and web applications. Insecure and outdated web applications are a core source of high-profile data breaches. High-Tech Bridge has conducted research on FT 500 global companies revealing that abandoned, shadow and legacy web applications virtually nullify corporate cybersecurity spending and undermine compliance. ImmuniWeb Discovery, one of the products in the ImmuniWeb AI Platform, requires a company name and main … More

The new Code42 Next-Gen DLP solution delivers policy-free insider threat detection

Code42 introduced the Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection (Code42 Next-Gen DLP) solution. Designed to help resource- and budget-constrained security and IT teams, the solution detects insider threat, helps satisfy regulatory compliance requirements and speeds incident response. With the introduction, the company is rewriting the paradigm for legacy data loss prevention (DLP) — shifting the focus from prevention to protection. Unlike traditional DLP, Code42 Next-Gen DLP is a cloud-native solution that frees security teams to safeguard … More

First release of StarlingX open source edge cloud software now available

StarlingX — the open source edge computing and IoT cloud platform optimized for low latency and high performance applications — is available in its first release. The project was established in May as a pilot project supported by the OpenStack Foundation (OSF) and builds on code contributed by Wind River and Intel Corporation. StarlingX delivers services to help fill the gaps in the open source edge cloud ecosystem to meet requirements of edge use cases … More

StackRox delivers Kubernetes security and compliance for Mux

StackRox unveiled that Mux has deployed the StackRox Container Security Platform to protect its microservices and container environments in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). StackRox enables Mux to meet its compliance requirements, harden its Docker and Kubernetes infrastructure to reduce the attack surface, and detect and stop threats at runtime. StackRox secures containers and microservices across the entire life cycle – build, deploy and run – and supports multiple platforms across … More

Quantum Xchange selects Zayo Group for dark fiber to deploy Quantum network in the United States

Quantum Xchange partners with Zayo Group to deploy the first Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) network in the United States. As Quantum Xchange’s first strategic infrastructure partner, Zayo is providing access to 800 kilometers of existing optical fiber that spans from Boston to Washington, D.C. Quantum Xchange will use the dark fiber to activate the initial leg of its nationwide QKD network – connecting the financial markets on Wall Street with back office operations in New … More

EclecticIQ strengthens threat intelligence for infrastructures with new integrations

EclecticIQ released new integrations to EclecticIQ Platform. The integrations provide additional insights into threat intelligence for infrastructures. By offering integrations for Dragos and Honeypot.dk, EclecticIQ customers can ingest threat intelligence specific to industrial control systems (ICS) as well as to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. EclecticIQ’s Platform, the analyst-centric Threat Intelligence Platform, provides analysts with the sources of intelligence and enrichment data from leading providers and data sources. In recent years, the number … More

Huawei releases IoT Cloud Service 2.0 to enable IIoT by combining connectivity, cloud, and intelligence

Huawei released IoT Cloud Service 2.0 and announced its IoT strategy (Provide IoT Infrastructure and Build up an Ecosystem). Through expanded connections, cloud services, and AI, Huawei is committed to building a more powerful industrial IoT and enabling industry digitalization. According to the Global Industry Vision (GIV) 2025 report released by Huawei, the number of connected devices will reach 100 billion in 2025. A large number of connections will arise in the industry applications. Data … More