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Emerging trends companies should prepare for in 2018

Today’s organizations face a cyber security landscape that is more difficult to navigate than ever before. To shed light on what lies ahead and help businesses better prepare for emerging threats, Experian Data Breach Resolution released …


Whitepaper: Top 20 cyber attacks on ICS

The technique for evaluating the risk of cyber-sabotage of industrial processes are well understood by those skilled in the art. Essentially, such risk assessments evaluate a typically large inventory of possible cyber attacks against the …

Hacking Team

US man is behind the 2015 Hacking Team hack?

Who’s behind the 2015 Hacking Team hack? According to a notice received by Guido Landi, one of the former Hacking Team employees that was under investigation for the hack, a 30-year old Nashville, Tennesee resident might have had something …


Return of Necurs botnet brings new ransomware threat

The Necurs botnet has returned to the top ten most prevalent malware during November 2017, as cybercriminals used it to distribute a new form of ransomware, according to Check Point. Researchers found that hackers were using Necurs, considered …


Enterprise USB security is outdated and inadequate

While USB drives are ubiquitous for employees across all industries, security policies for these devices are often severely outdated or grossly inadequate for protecting critical enterprise data, according to Apricorn. By failing to effectively …

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