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The next wave of smart Data Loss Prevention solutions

Data Loss Prevention has evolved beautifully in the last few years. The measure if control that DLP now provides is extremely powerful, and helps organizations from all sectors and of all sizes minimize the risk of data theft and loss, and …

petya ransomware

Consumers have no idea what ransomware is

A new study reveals almost half (43%) of connected consumers today do not know what ransomware is, despite the recent aggressive spread of this type of cyber threat. In addition, a similar amount (44%) confessed that they did not know what data …


Cybercriminals add DDoS component to ransomware payloads

Instead of just encrypting data files on a workstation (plus any network drive it can find) and locking the machine, a new variant of the Cerber ransomware is now adding a DDoS bot that can quietly blast spoofed network traffic at various IPs, …


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