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What a Security Evangelist does, and why you need one

Here is a simple truth: You can create the most revolutionary product ever, but if you can’t get word about it out, you’ll fail. Information security vendors employ security evangelists to help them connect with users, clients, and …

Google Chrome

Malicious Chrome update actively targeting Android users

A fake malicious Chrome update is being actively pushed onto Android users, saddling them with information-stealing malware that can be uninstalled only by restoring the device to factory settings – and losing data in the process. The …


Cybercriminals filtering out victims by location

There’s a growing trend among cybercriminals to target and even filter out specific countries when designing ransomware, according to SophosLabs. To lure more victims with their attacks, cybercriminals are now crafting customized spam to …

justice sentence gavel law court

Gozi malware creator sentenced to time served

Nikita Kuzmin, the creator of the Gozi malware, was sentenced on Monday in Manhattan federal court to time served (37 months). He was also ordered to pay nearly $7 million in restitution. Kuzmin, a 28-year old Russian citizen, pled guilty to the …


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