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Guide: 5 Steps to Modernize Security in the DevSecOps Era

The practices of DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Agile have become common place for some time now among the development and operations teams in most organizations, and now they are surfacing in security teams. This change is rippling across the …


CISO challenges and the path to cutting edge security

Zane Lackey is the co-founder and CSO at Signal Sciences, and the author of Building a Modern Security Program (O’Reilly Media). He serves on multiple Advisory Boards including the National Technology Security Coalition, the Internet Bug Bounty …


Consumers still put trust in big brands despite breaches

Janrain conducted a survey to better understand how consumers really feel about brands in the wake of so many breaches. The company polled 1,000 UK adults and found that most consumers are still willing to part with their personal information if …

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