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Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect scans for malicious apps

By now, many Android users that have the Google Play Store app on their devices should be able to find Google Play Protect in it. What is Google Play Protect? Google Play Protect is a security suite for Android devices, which brings together …


Is cyber insurance worth the paper it’s written on?

Weighing up whether you think insurance is worth it, in any situation, depends to some extent on personal experience. You can see the value of protection far more clearly if you’ve been on the losing side a few times. And that’s easy when, say, …


IT operators see promise in DevOps and new tech

A new Ponemon Institute survey of nearly 1,250 global public sector IT decision makers and managers revealed that public sector organizations undergoing digital transformation are losing confidence in IT operations’ ability to manage the influx …

Pwn Pulse

Review: Pwnie Express Pulse

Pwnie Express Pulse is a SaaS offering that uses custom hardware sensors to provide continuous network discovery, threat detection, risk assessment, and critical information about all security issues that should be resolved. After seeing Pulse …

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