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Verifying data processing for privacy and GDPR

GDPR has been a topic of conversation in the security risk and management world since the regulatory action was proposed in 2012. Recent events have led to a greater interest in GDPR as a means to protect personal identity data, especially as …


Whitepaper: Future-proofing your password policy

Users are accumulating more and more passwords, and many of the recent breaches are the direct result of their compromise. As hackers find new ways to exploit password-protected systems, widely accepted password policies, such as character …


Researchers hack BMW cars, discover 14 vulnerabilities

Keen Security Lab researchers have discovered fourteen vulnerabilities affecting a variety of BMW car models. The flaws could be exploited to gain local and remote access to infotainment (a.k.a head unit), the Telematics Control Unit (TCU or …

fish phishing

Certain types of content make for irresistible phishes

A mature anti-phishing program keeps organizations safer, claims Cofense, and offers as proof the decreasing susceptibility of their customers’ employees to mock phishing emails as well as rising reporting rates of the same. Overall, the …

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