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BEC scams

BEC scammers add payroll diversion to their repertoire

All the attention the most typical BEC scams have been receiving in the last few years must have affected their effectiveness and forced scammers to come up with new ways for extracting money from companies. Late last year the FBI warned about …


Companies still struggle to detect IoT device breaches

Only 48% of businesses can detect if any of their IoT devices suffers a breach, according to Gemalto. This comes despite companies having an increased focus on IoT security: Spending on protection has grown (from 11% of IoT budget in 2017 to 13% …


The costs of cyberattacks increased 52% to $1.1 million

Radware has released its 2018-2019 Global Application and Network Security Report, in which survey respondents estimate the average cost of a cyberattack at $1.1M. For those organizations that calculate (versus estimate) the cost of an attack, …

Tesla interior

Hack a Tesla Model 3, get cash and the car

For this year’s edition of the Pwn2Own hacking contest at CanSecWest, Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative has announced a new target category: Automotive. So, aside from striving to hack a variety of virtualization solutions, web browsers, …

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