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Microsoft opens fuzz testing service to the wider public

Microsoft Security Risk Detection, a cloud-based fuzz testing service previously known under the name Project Springfield, is now open to all and sundry. Fuzz testing (i.e. fuzzing) is a software testing technique that consists of inputing …

smart grid

How to protect the power grid from low-budget cyberattacks

Cyberattacks against power grids and other critical infrastructure systems have long been considered a threat limited to nation-states due to the sophistication and resources necessary to mount them. At the Black Hat USA 2017 conference in Las …

car wash

Hackable smart car wash systems can hurt people

Two years after researchers Billi Rios and Terry McCorkle first flagged serious vulnerabilities in automatic, smart car wash systems by US manufacturer PDQ, the company is finally acknowledging the danger. What changed since the initial …

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