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government cybersecurity
Government organizations’ readiness in the face of cyber threats

Cyber threats targeting government organizations have become increasingly sophisticated, posing significant risks to national security, public infrastructure, and sensitive …

data analytics
Cyber budgets and the VC landscape in 2024

In this Help Net Security video, Marcus Bartram, General Partner at Telstra Ventures, discusses his 2024 cybersecurity predictions: The U.S. will be in a recession by Q4 2024, …

The expanding scope of CISO duties in 2024

In this Help Net Security video, Bindu Sundaresan, Director at AT&T Cybersecurity, discusses the ongoing changes we’ll see from the CISO role as digital …

security awareness
The power of basics in 2024’s cybersecurity strategies

In this Help Net Security video, Nick Carroll, Cyber Incident Response Manager at Raytheon, discusses how while organizations will be challenged to strengthen their defenses …

The growing challenge of cyber risk in the age of synthetic media

As AI tools become more widespread, impersonation and deception have become easier. However, organizations are combating this issue with policies and technological solutions. …

Top 2024 AppSec predictions

In this Help Net Security video, Shahar Man, CEO of Backslash Security, offers his top three AppSec predictions for 2024, uncovering future trends.

email attacks
Uncovering the hidden dangers of email-based attacks

Email-based attacks have evolved beyond traditional spam and phishing attempts. Cybercriminals now employ sophisticated tactics such as spear-phishing, whaling, and business …

Breaking down the state of authentication

In this Help Net Security video, Bassam Al-Khalidi, co-CEO of Axiad, discusses the results of Axiad’s recent State of Authentication Survey. Key findings from the survey …

The dynamic relationship between AI and application development

In this Help Net Security video, Greg Ellis, General Manager, Application Security, at, discusses how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way …

Emerging cybersecurity trends and expectations for 2024

In this Help Net Security video, John Dwyer, Head of Research at IBM X-Force, discusses how 2024 is poised to be an incredibly impactful year for cyber attacks, driven by …

Cybercriminals set their sights on crypto markets

The cryptocurrency market has grown significantly, attracting both enthusiasts and investors. However, the rise of cryptocurrencies has also brought forth an unprecedented …

cloud security
Tackling cloud security challenges head-on

Cloud security is a critical aspect of modern computing, as businesses and individuals increasingly rely on cloud services to store, process, and manage data. Cloud computing …

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